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Judge to mob geezers: Retire already!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023


May 9, 2002

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks – but how about old wiseguys?

A Brooklyn federal judge scolded a pair of septuagenarian reputed mobsters yesterday, advising John “Johnny Green” Faraci, 79, and alleged Gambino soldier Jerry Brancato, 74, to get out while the getting’s good.

“I suggest at your age . . . you ought to be thinking about getting out of that life, worrying about who’s coming knocking at your door putting handcuffs on you,” Justice Leo Glasser said, sentencing the elderly men to probation for a conspiracy to bribe a union official. The alleged lifelong mobsters and a third reputed wiseguy, Gambino capo Louis “Big Lou” Vallario, 60, previously pleaded guilty in a deal negotiated with Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Schoeman.

Glasser seemed to grow annoyed as lawyers for the trio downplayed their roles.

When Bonanno soldier Faraci’s attorney, VINCENT ROMANO, noted that his client – whose criminal record spans nearly 25 years – had fought in World War II’s Battle of Normandy and won the Bronze Star, the unimpressed judge snapped, “So did I.”

Faraci was the only one to offer an apology. “I’m sorry I wasted the court’s time,” he said. “I’m sorry I aggravated my family.”

“You’ve been doing that, putting your family through aggravation, since 1978,” Glasser replied.

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